Self-Serve Yard Rules

Please be advised! Your safety and the safety of other customers is our top priority.
Please read and understand all of our safety policies before entering the yard.

  • No one under 18 permitted in the yard.
  • We only accept cash or credit card…no checks.
  • Planet Auto reserves the right to deny admission to anyone.
  • Torches are not permitted
  • An Extinguisher is required for any items/tools that create/make sparks
  • You are allowed to bring portable compressors and generators.
  • Bring your own tools, for we do not loan or rent tools.
  • Part(s) you bring into the yard must be clearly marked by one of our employees before entering the yard.
  • Any part(s) that do not carry our marking will be considered to be the property of Planet Auto.
  • Planet Auto reserves the right to check all tool boxes, totes, bags, cases, etc., upon entering and leaving the yard.
  • Any theft or vandalism will be reported and prosecuted.
  • The yard is clearly marked notifying customers the area of business and the areas that are off limits to customers.
  • Fluids have been drained and batteries removed.
  • Alcohol is not permitted in the yard.
  • No pets allowed in the yard.
  • Anyone not obeying our rules and policies, or we feel is a threat to the safety of others will be asked to leave.
  • Check part prices before removing any part(s).
  • Bring your own hand and battery operated tools.
  • Engine hoist and wheelbarrows are available for use (please return when done).
  • All vehicles are conveniently grouped together in sections by make or model.
  • Some parts may interchange with other models.
  • New vehicles arrive daily if you are not able to locate a part, let our sales staff help you locate the part.
  • Your safety is our priority, so please report any unsafe conditions or actions to a Planet Auto employee.